Featured Artist Tuesdays: Skywalker DaVinci

Skywalker DaVinci is an artist, producer, engineer, and songwriter from Columbus, GA. Well....we'll let him share his own story with y'all...


"I got my first opportunity to start creating music back in 2006. I was introduced to Fruity Loops and from there my passion for music began. After years of sleepless late nights/early mornings, I taught myself the ins and outs of the program, progressing through different versions as they were released. In 2010, I officially started recording my own music using Cubase. I eventually switched over from Windows to Mac in 2015, began producing, and recording my music with Logic Pro X. I'm very passionate and dedicated to my craft, with hopes to gain future opportunities to express my art in the future." - Skywalker Davinci


Check out his track "Unforgiven" and his Freestyle over "Pound Cake" and below! Follow all his Social Media pages by clicking on the corresponding links!


SonicBids EPK: Skywalker DaVinci
FB Music Page: Skywalker DaVinci
IG: gnedavinci
Twitter: gnedavinci
SoundCloud: Skywalker DaVinci
YouTube: Skywalker DaVinci