Classic Track Thursdays: Black & Mild (Prod. by Browntime Productions) (Unreleased Track + Story)

One random college night in the Studio after alot of Hennessy....1:32am


Keith Hickman: "Yo man, I wanna make a song but don't know what about."

Browntime: "I got a hard a** beat right here too. Bro, I dare you to make a turn up song you NEVER DO you always be on that save-the-world, super lyrical, ol' bars bars bars I got bars type stuff. Branch out, just let loose bro. Here."

Keith Hickman: *Takes shot* "Mannn put that one"


30 Minutes Later


Keith Hickman: "Bro, I don't know if it's this Henny but I can't come up with jack."

Browntime: "I know, you weak a** rapper. Haaaa just kidding bro. Man, you remember ol girl _________? Man I could NOT kiss her. Breath always smelled like Black & Milds."

Keith Hickman: *Light Bulb* "Bro, I think I just got somethin'. Drop that beat again..."