Catch Up Freestyle - Keith Hickman (W/ Lyrics & Download Link)

Free Styles  coming soon. Thank you all for your support. - Keith

Free Styles coming soon. Thank you all for your support. - Keith

All I do is practice, and play the position

3D showed me that this rap s**t is non fiction

He said you got the talent to do it BIG

All you need is the hustle to match


And your dreams can come true in a flash

The truest of fans, jewels and the cash

Mansion with the pool in the back

Then I thought about who poppin , most of music is wack

So I start writing lucrative raps


Tired of these n****s


But the same s**t that tire me

The same s**t that inspire me

I stay Live, don't let the drama expire me

Give the game my sole, won't sell my soul entirely


Im just tryna run s**t...



I roll the dice like Ashy Knuckles

Skate to the championship, Stanley Cup'em


Last night, she was drunk in love

She feel bad, feelings change when she sobered up 


It's cool baby...


Don't try to play perfect

Who am I to judge? My demons stay lurkin

I ain't searching for The One, we the same person

I'm just enjoying ya silhouette through these suede curtains




Drunk thoughts are sober beliefs

Drunk thots get f****d, Respect ain't achieved

Sad to say, but most would agree

Care for self, less for them, that's just the technique


Texting girls I see around but see no future in

L.O.L , Lust Over Love, I find it humorous 

As the years add up, I'm counting fewer friends

Brothers fallin victim to the streets, man I'm losing kin


These dudes spit plastic Rap to grab some fans

If I keep spitting Acid Rap, The Rapper won't stand a Chance 

Sit down, you average fan

Tryna rap, man leave it to the passionate.